WhatsApp Shared inbox

WhatsApp Shared Inbox

WhatsApp Shared Inbox for team collaboration

Bring your team together in one place to engage customers from one contact number. Let your agents answer incoming messages and queries. Bytepaper’s Shared Team Inbox has everything you and your agents require –

WhatsApp Shared inbox

Set predefined templates to answer faster

Reduce response time and the chances of inaccurate answers by creating templates for your team to send during a conversation like addresses, FAQs, important information and more. 

Bytepaper's Shared Inbox is feature rich

If you are looking for a WhatsApp Shared Inbox with CRM features, look no more – Try Bytepaper

View 360° customer details & chat history

View complete customer detail, follow-ups, assigned agents, conversation history, Active stage, and media shared on WhatsApp.

Log followups for a better relationship

Add followups for your team to help understand customers’ needs, demands, queries and situations, in a glimpse.

Set chat reminder with customers

Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Union Pay and more in just a few quick taps.

Create and share quick-reply templates

Create templates so your team can quickly respond in conversations during the welcome, ending chat, delayed response, inconvenience caused etc.

Move customers into custom stages

Mark your customers’ journey with custom stages. This way, it’s easier to improve engagement, and it pinpoints the customers that need your focus

Save more information with Custom fields

Create custom fields to save additional information about your customers. Create unlimited  text fields, dropdowns, date & time, and multi-selection in the form

Get ready to work together with your team

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