WhatsApp Broadcasting

Broadcast Messages

Reach your audience through WhatsApp Broadcasts

Share information related to your products and services. Increase your click-through rate by sending customized messages to your audience & grow your business.


Increase in Engagement


reduction in manual efforts

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Run and measure broadcasts outcomes

Import data and create customer segments. Broadcast messages and view reports on Sent, Delivered, Failed, Read and Replied messages. Based on these, filter your data and assign it to your team for further interaction.

Send engaging templates to get inputs

Add Text, Lists, CTAs & Media Files to your templates


Choose Official way to market on WhatsApp

Get the benefits of WhatsApp Broadcasting to communicate with customers in a more efficient, personalized, and cost-effective way.

Upload customers data or sync from Google sheets

Uploading Excel sheets or sync Google sheets directly to schedule broadcasts.

View campaign reports and take actions

Assign campaign data to users, select stages, add follow-ups and set tags.

Create multiple customer segments

Filter data based on the results. Add tags and create new segments.

Reasons to consider WhatsApp Marketing

Engage & Build stronger relationships with your customers

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