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Shared Team Inbox




API & Webhooks



5 Users Plan


per year

Additional user ₹2200/year

10 Users Plan


per year

Additional user ₹2200/year

Tailored Plan

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Contacts Management

Contacts Limit


Contacts Stages


Custom fields

Set message Trigger on stages

(Mobile) Contacts Syncing

Data from Excel Sheets


Messaging Limit


Broadcast Reports

Audience Filtering

Rule Based Segments



Limit – Up to 40


Limit – Up to 40

Interconnected ChatBots

Route Chat

Keyword Based Response

Team Shared Inbox

Call Log sync


WhatsApp Website Widget

QR Code Scan To WhatsApp

Green Tick Application

Mobile application


Google sheets, Get APIs, Webhooks, Zapier, Privyr and API

Tawk, Call sync app, CRMs, Email, IVR

Auto Data/Lead capturing

Indiamart, TradeIndia, JustDial, MagicBricks and more

Bytepaper Team Support

Email, Chat, Call support

*We are taking platform charges. For credits recharge/billing, you will be getting direct invoice from Facebook in your Facebook business account.

General Pricing FAQs

Do you provide monthly plan?

No, we provide yearly plans only.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your plan anytime. Once you cancel, no further charges shall be applied on your account. However, there are no refunds if you cancel your plan in the middle of your subscription duration.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay using credit/debit cards (that support international purchases in USD)

How many messages can a business send within the 24hour window? Will the business be charged for each message?

Once a 24-hour session window is opened by the business-initiated message or reply, unlimited messages can be exchanged by the business and user within the time period. The business will only be charged for the first message depending on whether it was user-initiated or business-initiated.

When does the 24hour window start in a conversation?

A conversation or session starts when the first message from a business is delivered. The message should be in the “delivered” status and not in the “sent” status. When the business responds to a user-initiated message, then the 24hour window will start.

How are the conversation costs charged?

You can recharge for credits and the conversation costs are deducted from your credit balance. The credits never expire.

When does the business get charged for a user-initiated conversation?

The business will get charged only when they respond to the user-initiated message. The charge will be for the first message sent by the business. This will then open the 24-hour window to exchange as many messages as needed by the business and user.

When does the business get charged for a business-initiated conversation?

The business will be charged when a pre-approved template message is delivered to the user. The charge will be for the first message sent, this opens the 24-hour session window to exchange as many messages as needed by the business and user.

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