Bytepaper | Give authorities to your users

Organize your team with Bytepaper

Manage users separately

Different application to manage all users. Bytepaper keeps logs of users activities inside the application.

add users
Add users on the go

Add users as per your need. Subscribe to sales CRM once, then pay per user to add more afterwards.

View activities

View what your users have been doing when you were away. You can check all the activities in the Users app.

View login calendar

Track when your users are logging in every day with last login time. Bytepaper also creates monthly login graph to show you the average login time to help you.

Daily activity logs

Bytepaper logs your users' actions like creating, updating or deleting. View every time they are logging in or logging out from Bytepaper.

Give authority

Give application authority to users as per needed. Add/remove users from your account easily without impacting any assigned data at all.

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Use Bytepaper Sales for 30 days in just ₹1500. Add upto 3 users.